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In contrast to this approach, Ludwig Wittgenstein observed, following Moore's paradox , that one can say "He believes it, but it isn't so," but not "He knows it, but it isn't so." [7] He goes on to argue that these do not correspond to distinct mental states, but rather to distinct ways of talking about conviction. What is different here is not the mental state of the speaker, but the activity in which they are engaged. For example, on this account, to know that the kettle is boiling is not to be in a particular state of mind, but to perform a particular task with the statement that the kettle is boiling. Wittgenstein sought to bypass the difficulty of definition by looking to the way "knowledge" is used in natural languages. He saw knowledge as a case of a family resemblance . Following this idea, "knowledge" has been reconstructed as a cluster concept that points out relevant features but that is not adequately captured by any definition. [8]

– Sculpture by Anna Hyatt Huntington symbolizing the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next ( KAEVE Shoes Catwalk Party Thin Super High Heels Sandals Best Sale Cheap Online Cheap Sale Excellent Buy Cheap From China 6Giu6

Symbolic representations can be used to indicate meaning and can be thought of as a dynamic process. Hence the transfer of the symbolic representation can be viewed as one Buy Online Footlocker Sale Online FEDONAS High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals Genuine Leather 9IadZ98
process whereby knowledge can be transferred. Other forms of communication include observation and imitation, verbal exchange, and audio and video recordings. Philosophers of language and Fast Delivery Cheap Price Antiskid Breathable Leisure Women Shoes amp; Sneaker Sale Footlocker Finishline 9trNpabiGA
construct and analyze theories of knowledge transfer or communication.

While many would agree that one of the most universal and significant tools for the transfer of knowledge is writing and reading (of many kinds), argument over the usefulness of the written word exists nonetheless, with some scholars skeptical of its impact on societies. In his collection of essays Excellent Christening Gowns For Girls Ivory Baby 1 Year Birthday Dress Chiffon White Princess Dress For Kids Baptism Gowns Cheap Price Outlet Sale Find Great Limited Edition Sale Online Safe Payment 7qEmp7
, Neil Postman demonstrates the argument against the use of writing through an excerpt from Plato's work shofoo shoesElegant gold leather rivet decorations sandals Discount 100% Authentic o159Tr
(Postman, Neil (1992) Technopoly , Vintage, New York, pp 73). In this excerpt, the scholar Socrates recounts the story of Thamus, the Egyptian king and Theuth the inventor of the written word. In this story, Theuth presents his new invention "writing" to King Thamus, telling Thamus that his new invention "will improve both the Cotton Casual Children Clothes Summer Printed Girls birthday DressWith Dot Limit Offer Cheap Cheap Online Shop Classic Cheap Price EshHs
and memory of the Egyptians" (Postman, Neil (1992) Technopoly, Vintage, New York, p. 74). King Thamus is skeptical of this new invention and rejects it as a tool of recollection rather than retained knowledge. He argues that the written word will infect the Egyptian people with fake knowledge as they will be able to attain facts and stories from an external source and will no longer be forced to mentally retain large quantities of knowledge themselves (Postman, Neil (1992) Technopoly , Vintage, New York, p. 74).

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British World English represent

1 Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), especially in an official capacity.

be elected by , be the councillor for, be the mp for, have the vote of
appear for , act for, speak for, act on behalf of, speak on behalf of, be spokesperson for, be the representative of
play for , appear for
deputize for , act as a substitute for, substitute for, stand in for, take the place of, replace

2 Constitute; amount to.

constitute , be, amount to, mean, be regarded as
be a typical sample of , be representative of, typify, stand for
be represented

3 Depict (a particular subject) in a work of art.

depict , portray, render, picture, delineate, show, illustrate, characterize, paint, draw, sketch
describe as , present as, profess to be, purport to be, claim to be, set oneself up as, pass oneself off as, pose as, pretend to be, masquerade as
stand for , correspond to
symbolize , stand for, personify, epitomize, typify, be symbolic of

4 formal State or point out clearly.

point out , state, indicate, present, set forth, put forward
claim , maintain, state, say, affirm, allege, contend


Late Middle English: from Old French representer or Latin repraesentare, from re- (expressing intensive force) + praesentare ‘to present’.



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